NANO CHAR :- Soil Enricher and Nutrient Reservoir

Soil enricher and nutrient reservoir

Nano Char is derived from bamboo feedstock, produced at 500-600℃ Pyrolysis in the absence of oxygen. Its properties include high fixed carbon content ( 75% - 95% ), very large internal surface area, high mineral content ( K, Mg, Si, Mn, Zn ), etc.
The application of Nano Char is significant to agriculture, due to its physical and chemical properties.

Benefits of Nano Char:

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Carbon Sequester
  • Reduce Emmission
  • Retain Moisture Save Irrigation Water
  • Increase microbial life in the pores of biochar Enhance Root System Diversity
  • Improve Soil Aggregate Structure.
  • Absorbs residues of pesticides & heavy metals
  • Nutralizes pH
  • Lock Nutrients Reduce NPK Apply


  • Nano Char has a good performance of adsorption, due to its Onion-like Fullerene strure ( C60 ) and a large amount of surface oxygen functional groups. The surface area of Nano Char is 2.5 - 3 Times than that of wood char and adsorption capacity is more than 10 times that of wood char.
  • Nano Char is alkaline with lots of cations in bamboo ash, such as Ca, Mg, K etc. Which can improve the soil pH by reducing the amount of H+.
  • Nano Char can increase water retention in soil due to its micropore strure and large surface area
  • Nano Char can increase the Cation Exchange Capacity ( CEC ) in soil, ectc as slow releasing agent of the nutrients, substantially reduce the need for additional fertilizers.
  • The micropores of Nano Char, adsorb moisture and nutrients is soil, provide beneficial microorganisms with a favorable habitat, which will increases microbial life.
  • Nano Char also benefi soil contaminated with pesticide, heavy metals etc. By passivating the contaminante.


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