ACUROSIL NANO+ :- Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Eco-Friendly Broad Spectrum Biocide (Hydrogen Peroxide & Silver)

ACUROSIL NANO+ is an eco-friendly, multi-component oxidising disinfectant; scientifically formulated using a stable combination of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silver (Ag) ions to create a highly effective sanitising solution. This synergistic combination between the hydrogen peroxide and silver is so effective that it creates a biocide twenty times more powerful than that of hydrogen peroxide alone.

The main highlights of this biodegradable disinfectant are:

  • Eco-friendly, degrading to water and oxygen
  • Multifunctional as it finds a wide range of applications
  • Multimedia sanitation (Air, Water, Soil, Surface)
  • Nontoxic on humans and plants
  • Cold sterilant, not requiring any heat for disinfection
  • Non foaming nature
  • Does not require flushing with water

Product Features

  • Proven formulation (ADVANCED NANO SILVER HYDROGEN PEROXIDE) with penetration power : a technology based product
  • Effective against nematodes
  • Effective against all bacterial, fungal, viral diseases
  • Eliminates spores
  • No residual effect
  • Applied for pre-plantation soil fumigation
  • Can also be applied by foliar spraying, drenching and through drip for disease prevention and control
  • Completely reolaces all fungicides : Cost saving
  • Reduces requirement of pesticides by upto 70% : Cost saving

Product Properties

STATE Aqueous solution
APPEARANCE Clear liquid
WEIGHT 1.196 kg/dm3
pH Approx. 1.2
ODOUR In dilution, ACUROSIL NANO+ is odourless. In concentrated form, it gives off a scarcely perceptible smell.
BIO-DEGRADABILITY ACUROSIL NANO+ is non-polluting. Its main constituent disintegrates into water and oxygen.
COMBUSTIBILITY Non-inflammable


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